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Lustrasilk Hair Culture Solution - super
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Lustrasilk Hair Culture Solution - super

For pressing and styling super curly hair For professional use only Now with "jet-quick" directions Lustrasilk Hair Culture Solution may be used on all types of hair and is recommended for hair which cannot withstand relaxing with caustic chemical relaxers.

1. Shampoo - rinse - towel dry.
2. Spray and thoroughly saturate hair with Hair Culture Solution. Comb through with a large tooth comb. Part hair into 4 or 6 sections. Braid or twist each section and secure with bobby pins or clips.
3. Dry completely under dryer or air dry.
4. Press firmly with back of pressing comb. Do not add any cream or oil.
5. After hair has been relaxed, apply a small amount of Lustrasilk Scalp Cream to roots of the hair. Brush well.
6. Style as desired. No further application of Scalp Cream or oil is necessary if a curling iron is used. To replenish the natural oils and moisture your hair loses every day from combing, brushing and styling with heated appliances, use Moisture Max Lotion or Creme Hairdressing.



- DO NOT Cut the lace.

- DO NOT Rip or tear the Lace.
- DO NOT Put any kind of Chemicals on the Wig Unit.
- DO NOT Wear the Wig Unit.
- DO NOT Put Glue or Tape on the Wig Unit.
- DO NOT Put Products on the Wig Unit.
- DO NOT Wash or Condition the Wig Unit.
- DO NOT Dye the Wig Unit.
- DO NOT Perm or Put Relaxer on the Wig Unit.
- DO NOT Style or Cut the Hair of the Wig Unit.
- DO NOT Destroy or Lose any of the Original Packaging.

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