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[Beshe] Invisible My Part Wig - MP123
[ Category ] : Wigs
$13.00(36.12 %)

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My PartWig Futura
Curlable Gypsy curl OL23"
Beshe My Part Wig MP 123, beautiful gypsy curls, constructed with curlable futura fibers, exceptional quality and value.
Allows you to part your own hair for an even more natural appearance.



- DO NOT Cut the lace.

- DO NOT Rip or tear the Lace.
- DO NOT Put any kind of Chemicals on the Wig Unit.
- DO NOT Wear the Wig Unit.
- DO NOT Put Glue or Tape on the Wig Unit.
- DO NOT Put Products on the Wig Unit.
- DO NOT Wash or Condition the Wig Unit.
- DO NOT Dye the Wig Unit.
- DO NOT Perm or Put Relaxer on the Wig Unit.
- DO NOT Style or Cut the Hair of the Wig Unit.
- DO NOT Destroy or Lose any of the Original Packaging.

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